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Part 3: On cageyness, caution, moderation, patience, and prudence


Ta s i k bni w f.
Shoot at it does not help one find arrows.
(People are ever eager to goad one to action, but never to help one carry out the task.)

Ta n rn Abl w k, t n k ri un?
Who sent Ablu into a boat, as a result of which action he says he was drowned in the boat?
(People who get into trouble by their own actions should complain to no one.)

Tn l j l lr, l pa Bal Kmkan.
It is yesterday's matter that we are fighting over is what killed Chief Know-Nothing.
(It is wise to let the past alone.)

Tantabl, arw b w ej.
An unbecoming thing, as unpleasant to wear as the garment of disgrace.
(Disgrace is not a pleasant thing to live with.)

Tj tj n e ar pnd.
Incessant proneness to fighting is the affliction of pnd people.
(Said of people who are always out for a fight.)

Tsn tsn n pn tal lj; bl- b y di olj.
It is the persistence of daylight that imposes suffering on the mud-floor worm; when night falls it will find food.
(Patience will bring what one lacks to one.)