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Part 3: On cageyness, caution, moderation, patience, and prudence


gbk r, a n k ro re, gbk- gb ls.
gbk makes a sound and we say the sound is foul, and then gbk lends its voice in its support.
(Do not choose to do things that others before you have been condemned for doing.)

e-k-r-mi, alj t so gi mrn.
Exhibitionist, a dog owner who ties a sheep's mane around his own neck.
(Do not go to too great lengths to call people's attention to yourself.) [93]

k nfd h? lfm fi di onl.
May I perch here awhile? is the ruse by which the climber-parasite becomes a permanent resident.
(Give people an inch, and they are liable to take several miles.)

e--e dwf, b e y dr-u wn.
The habit that made a person a pawn: if the person persists in it it will make him or her a slave.
(One should desist from pursuits that have proved unprofitable.)

e--e ewr lgntn fiy s.
The habit of the goat is what the sheep pays attention to.
(One would be wise to learn from the behaviour and plight of fools.)


93. gi is a ram's mane used as an ornamental collar around a dog's neck.  [Back to text]