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Part 1: On humility, self-control, self-knowledge, self-respect, and self-restraint


San là ńrìn; ajé ní ḿmúni pá kọ̀rọ̀.
Straight and upright is the way one would walk; it is money that forces one to sneak about.
(When one is in debt, one's freedom of movement is compromised.)

Sesere ńdá gọ́ọ́bú; oníkamẹ́sàn-án ńgbé ṣíbí.
The insignificant thing is attempting an earth-shaking feat; the person with only nine fingers is lifting a spoon.
(Said of a person overreaching.)

Sún mọ ọ̀hún, sún mọ́ ìhín! Bí a bá kan ògiri ilé-e baba ẹni, ṣe là ńdúró gbọin-gbọin.
Move away, move over here! When one moves until one is against the walls of one's father's house, one stands steadfast.
(There must be a limit to how much one will back down before enemies.)