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Part 6: On consideration, kindness, and thoughtfulness


Bmijk lbk j; ni t bm r gbd s mlriwo.
Bmijk (Sit-with-me) is the name one gives an bk; a person who has never had a child does not name a child mlriwo.
(A reference to the crying that accompanies the death of an bk.) [4]

B a b g igi ngb, k fi rn ro ara ni w.
When one fells a tree in the forest, one should apply the matter to oneself.
(Whenever one does something to another, one should put oneself in that person's shoes.)

B a b r k k nl, t a fi s t; k- di mji.
If one sees the corpse of a wicked person on the ground and one kicks it, there are then two wicked people.
(If one returns evil for evil, one joins the ranks of the evil.)

B o e rere y y s lra; b o k e rere y y sl.
If your deeds are good the benefits return to you; if your deeds are not good they will be apparent to all.
(Neither good nor evil goes for nought.)

B ti dun m y, b l dun m yn
As the young of birds hurt, so the young of humans hurt.
(Others feel hurt, just as one does.)


4. The name given to children believed to plague certain women by entering into them to be born only to die prematurely, and repeating the process several times.  [Back to text]