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Part 6: On consideration, kindness, and thoughtfulness


g wt, e m olt; e d, e j oko olore.
Big shot of wt tow the locusts do not know who is honest; the locusts arrive and the locusts eat up the good person's farm.
(Vandals care not which property belongs to good people and which to bad people.) [14]

mt k p; ow l n.
The drunkard is not a prodigal; it is his money that he is spending.
(One can spend one's money as one wishes.)

rn-an-yn s nnu iynrn.
There is no compulsion in voluntary work.
(Volunteering is not an obligation.)

t gbl ahun kan.
Wine stays in the home of the miser until it goes sour.
(The miser would rather see things go bad than share them with others.)

t ni olknrn.
The assignment for an invalid must be different from everybody else's.
(People should be employed only according to their capabilities.)

w hh hj n dn ire mni.
Excessive stinginess is what slams the door of fortune in one's face.
(Miserliness will divert good fortune from the miser's direction.)


14. w t (w- t) means Character pays.; some irony there.  [Back to text]