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Part 6: On consideration, kindness, and thoughtfulness


M b mi j dn, ran n l l.
Do not share in my delicious meal, chases away the animal.
(The selfish person would rather ward off good fortune than allow others to share it with him.) [7]

M f w- mi k t yan ggr fn egn; egn n n M f w- mi k; fn un n mlgidi.
Just so you won't find my hand empty roasted popcorn for the masquerader; the masquerader also responded with Just so you won't find my hands empty and gave him a wooden doll.
(Stinginess will not win generosity in return.) [8]

b-lw-b-se-ll-fn-Agn: jmr k j oko k s.
Had I money I would cook bean meal for the Agn masquerader; the brown monkey's raiding of his farm never elicits a complaint from him.
(One should acknowledge and reciprocate favors done one by others.) [9]

M w, m w lap yl k.
Bring! Bring! is the sound of the pigeon's wings.
(Some people know only how to take, never how to give.) [10]


7. The reference is to a hunter who would rather scare away game he cannot kill than give another hunter the opportunity of killing it.  [Back to text]


8. Masqueraders supposed to be the embodiment of ancestors are credited with the power to grant boons, including children, to supplicants. A person who makes lame excuses while offering inadequate gifts to the masquerader will hear lame excuses and receive worthless boons from the masquerader.  [Back to text]


9. The egngn (masqueraders) are believed to favor ll, seasoned and steamed ground beans. Agn is the masquerader charged with executing witches.  [Back to text]


10. The sound the bird's wings make when in flight is supposed to sound like M w, m w!  [Back to text]