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Part 5: On consistency; honesty, openness, plain speaking, reliability


W jun. Ng j. fgrnn kl t b w.
Come join me at my meal. Thank you, but no. Still he eats a hundred mouthfuls, just to taste the stew.
(If you intend to decline an invitation, match your action to your words.)

Wn n,; wko, o b ba. n gb wo ln rye b ba, kun t k igba lwr, igba lsn-n, igba ll, kun t fi ynd-yind l ?
They said, Mocking bird, you are accused of insulting the king. It asked when would it have time to insult the king, seeing that it must sing two hundred songs in the morning, two hundred in the afternoon, and two hundred at night, mixing it all up with some frolicsome notes?
(The person in trouble will resort to ludicrous alibis to escape punishment.)
Compare Wn n par a e pn by?

Wn n krgb gba m pn, n e b wn m p un lhn; wn n k pa m j ni?
The old woman is asked to carry a child on her back, and she says but they know she has no teeth; was she asked to eat the child.
(Said of people whose comment on a proposition is wildly irrelevant.)