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Part 5: On consistency; honesty, openness, plain speaking, reliability


b- dn, b dn, iyn tn ngb.
The stew is delicious, the stew is not delicious; the pounded yams meal is completely gone from the dish.
(Said of people who complain about something yet will not let go of it.)

knkn l e b; kk l e ml; b a tj ml tn, k tj b pl; b a b k ar ni n sinni.
One conducts affairs with one's kin with forthrightness; one enters into covenants (with non-relatives) in secret; as one attends to one's secret compacts, one should also attend to affairs with one's kin; on the day one dies it is one's kin who attend to one's funeral.
(Never neglect your kin in favor of others.)

n ir k p pin.
The path of deceit soon ends.
(Deceit is soon exposed.)

mrn br rn w; jp n, ni t wn pa ln, k k tn?
The sage asks for information; jp the trickster asks, About the person who was killed yesterday, is he already dead?
(If you know the answer to a question already, don't ask it.)

rn y dn m: kanoo l w i.
This matter does not hurt me: stating it only once suffices.
(If one is indifferent to something, it should not dominate one's conversations.)

r kk, n gba-n-gba n b.
Secret matters have open exposure as their ultimate destination.
(Whatever is done in secret will eventually be exposed.)

r pariwo.
The matter in question does not make a noise.
(The matter under discussion poses little problem.)

t ni k pd y.
One's enemy never kills a huge cane-rat.
(One is always tempted to minimize the accomplishments of one's enemies.)