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Part 4: On perseverance, industry, resilience, self-confidence, self-reliance, resourcefulness, daring, fortitude, and invulnerability


Pa n j gb, tiiri nj f; b a b ta e l w a; b a b w a a dran din.
A sharp report is what accompanies a machete wound; a flying motion is the characteristic of an arrow; if one hits a prey one should go in search of it; if not it becomes meat for maggots.
(Always follow through in your pursuits.)

P-p lj lknn, p-p lj lkej; bj n b f, b-b n d.
A blow to the eye the first time, and a blow to the eye a second time; if the eye does not go blind it will only see dimly.
(Continual attacks will eventually leave their mark on the victim.)

Pdr- j, ar r y .
The fruit of the sausage tree drops, and its mother knows relief.
(Relief is sweet after one's burden has been lifted.)