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Part 3: On cageyness, caution, moderation, patience, and prudence


Ganganran k ml; a-gnni-lw-bi-ooro.
A sharp object is not something to grab for; it is a-thing-that-pierces-one's-hand-like-a-sharp-instrument.
(Dangerous things must be handled very carefully.

Gd-gd ml; k i b r da nkan.
Scurrying around does not ensure prosperity; working like a slave results in nothing.
(One does not necessarily prosper by working oneself to death.)

Gdgudu tra sl lkan.
Poisonous yam has never lost its skin.
(A certain person has never been known to be off his or her guard.)

Gdgudu- kan lgb kn-n-kn-n.
Poisonous yam's roots are sour indeed.
(The subject is something one must stay away from, for encounter with it is unpleasant.)