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Part 3: On cageyness, caution, moderation, patience, and prudence


Dda le j, gbn lbr t gbj.
Dada cannot fight, but he has a brave younger brother.
(One may not be able to do much, but one has relatives to take one's cause.)

Dgun-dgun Kaletu t d bej lp.
Troublemaker of Kaletu, who breaks the arms of a twin.
(A person who provokes someone with powerful champions is a trouble maker.)

D-mrn-kn-mrn t pa pat yl.
One-who-commits-crimes-atop-crimes: he butchers pigeons for sale.
(The person referred to is a hardened criminal who piles crimes on crimes.) [25]

Ddg kj w bnd; b a b ko ni t juni l, a yg fn un.
Ddg [26] is not something to make in a huff; if one meets a person who is too much for one, one makes way.
(One should know one's limits.)

D-kan-d-kan, t k d, t k dw.
Originator-of-problems: he not make a cloth and does not make a dress.
(What a troublemaker brings is trouble, never anything useful.)


25. Killing a pigeon is bad enough; cutting it up for sale worsens the crime.  [Back to text]


26. An expensive and elaborate traditional garment.  [Back to text]