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Part 3: On cageyness, caution, moderation, patience, and prudence


Wr s ln, wr- w lla.
No cheese today, but there will be cheese tomorrow.
(Today's want will be followed by tomorrow's plenty.)

Wr wr nikn jl.
Slowly, slowly is the manner in which termites consume a house.
(Inconspicuos and imperceptible problems in time become huge disasters.)

Ww- t ran.
Watching is enough for a spectacle.
(One would do well to only watch spectacles and avoid becoming part of them.)

W il k mb k: r ikn kan n pa fnni.
Demolish your house and I will help you rebuild it: he will give one only one bundle of thatching grass.
(Never trust people who goad you into trouble with promises of help down the road.)

Wb- y tn, pe gb w.
The greedy person fed to satiation, and he summons his friends.
(The freeloader always seeks opportunities to take as much as possible from his or her benefactor.)

Wn n,; brb, m - jal. n A gb tol t j; wo lokn rn-un '?
People said, brb person, you child stole something. She responds, That he stole something I can understand, but I cannot understand the rope around his neck.
(Punishment should fit the offence, not be disproportionate.)

Wn pur fn , o gb; o l d d t?
People lie to you and you do not accept the lie; can you ever know what the truth is?
(Since one can seldom be sure what the truth is, one would save oneself a great deal of grief by not always insisting on it.)

Wn tor aj l l fow rb.
Because the dog sits on its haunches they went and spent their money on purchasing a monkey.
(One should not pass up something useful for something useless simply because the latter looks better.)