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Part 3: On cageyness, caution, moderation, patience, and prudence


Pala-pl k e ran jgb; ma mu gnmu.
Stockfish is not a meat one eats without repercussions; keep on drinking herbal remedies.
(One pays for one's indiscretions by and by.)

Pp t n un j w od, r l f gb.
The grassland that proposes to burn into the river is asking for a lecture.
(Abstain from actions that will provoke others' ire.) [92]

Paraml- k rn fojdi.
The serpent refuses to be trifled with.
(Certain situations are not to be taken lightly, lest they result in painful repercussions.)

Pl-pl lej- fi gun gbn.
It is very carefully and patiently that a snake climbs the coconut palm.
(Dangerous and difficult tasks should be attempted with care and patience.)

Ptpt r, a-ta-sni-lra-m-wn-n.
The soiling caused by speech; it stains a person and cannot be removed.
(Injury once spoken cannot be recalled.)
Compare Ptpt n j . . .

Pp ni y p, agbn bo ad.
It may take long, but the coop will eventually cover the chicken.
(One may put it off a while, but one cannot avoid one's fate.)
Compare the others with the same beginning.

Pp ni y p, akll pe baba.
It may take long, but the stammerer will eventually manage to say Papa.
(With perseverance the most difficult task will be accomplished.)

Pp ni y p, akp y w sl.
It may take a while, but the palm-wine tapster will descend from atop the palm-tree.
(All is takes is patience; what one desires will eventually happen.)

Pp ni y p, amkn y jde nn od.
It may take a while, but the under-water swimmer will eventually surface.
(If one is patient, what is bound to happen will eventually happen.)

Pp ni y p, k m r.
It may take a while, but the deceitful person will not be undiscovered.
(Truth will unfailingly triumph in the end.)

Pp ni y p, n l sd b wl.
It may take a while, but the person who went to the stream will return home.
(There is no journey that does not end some time.)

Pp ni y p, rnml y j gbdo dandan.
It may take a while, but rnml will surely eat corn.
(What one deserves will unfailingly come one's way in the end.)


92. If the bush were to burn into the river there would be a hissing sound when the water puts the fire out.  [Back to text]