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Part 3: On cageyness, caution, moderation, patience, and prudence


J ew pt k o rj ern; jw b nu ko rj odi.
Pluck a fig leaf and be attacked by soldier-ants; put a leaf in your mouth and be attacked by the deaf.
(Whoever takes unnecessary risks will very likely face dangerous consequences.) [51]

Jay-jay fi l jay; by b j k n mso.
You reveler, do things in moderation; if the string of life is cut there is no retying it.
(One should observe moderation in all things.)

J k o y ogn ni k sunwn.
Eat-your-fill-of-it medicine is no good.
(Anything without measure is dangerous.)

J k m ti w y-a k w.
Let a child die at his/her own mother's hands.
(One should not become involved in the affairs of a person intent on his/her own ruin.)


51. Fig leaves are usually infested with soldier-ants, and the deaf are supposed to be insulted by anyone who places a leaf in his/her mouth.  [Back to text]