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Part 3: On cageyness, caution, moderation, patience, and prudence


Ganganran ò ṣéé kì mọ́lẹ̀; a-gúnni-lọ́wọ́-bíi-ṣoṣoro.
A sharp object is not something to grab for; “it is” a-thing-that-pierces-one's-hand-like-a-sharp-instrument.
(Dangerous things must be handled very carefully.

Gìdì-gìdì ò mọ́là; ká ṣiṣẹ́ bí ẹrú ò da nǹkan.
Scurrying around does not ensure prosperity; working like a slave results in nothing.
(One does not necessarily prosper by working oneself to death.)

Gùdùgudu ò túra sílẹ̀ lẹ́ẹ̀kan.
Poisonous yam has never lost its skin.
(A certain person has never been known to be off his or her guard.)

Gùdùgudu-ú kan légbò kán-ín-kán-ín.
Poisonous yam's roots are sour indeed.
(The subject is something one must stay away from, for encounter with it is unpleasant.)