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Part 3: On cageyness, caution, moderation, patience, and prudence


Yíyọ́ ẹkùn, tojo kọ́; ohun tí yó jẹ ní ńwá.
The leopard's stealthy gait is not a result of cowardice; it is simply stalking a prey.
(Do not mistake people's gentle nature for spinelessness.)

Yọkọlú-yọkọlú, kò ha tán bí? Ìyàwó gbọ́kọ ṣánlẹ̀, ọkọ-ọ́ yọké.
All your strutting and bragging, where is it now? The wife threw the husband down so hard that he grew a hump on his back.
(Said of braggarts who have been taken down a few notches.)