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Part 2: On perspicaciousness (good judgment, perceptiveness), reasonableness, sagacity, savoir-faire, wisdom, and worldly wisdom


D--sl-k-tun-pn, ogn ijun, a pn in re.
The recent throw-it-all-on-the-floor-that-we-may-redistribute-it inheritance was not well distributed the first time around.
(Whatever needs to be done again must not have been done well the first time.)

Dd n m ab m.
It is wrapping that makes a knife sharp.
(Only by taking great care of them does one keep one's possessions in good shape.)

D-d nim ld fi wgb.
It is bit by bit that the nose of the pig enters the fence.
(A small problem, if not attended to, becomes unmanageable.)

Df-df fIf er.
The diviner does not take If lightly.
(One should not be careless about one's livelihood.)

Dgb-dgb k fi yin r sl.
The egg-bearing spider never leaves its eggs behind.
(One does not turn one's back on one's treasure.)

Dr o kk; b o dr kk, k a ba tr j.
Stop and say hello to the wicked; if you do not say hello to the wicked, the wicked will find problems for you.
(One's best defence against the wicked is ingratiation.)