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Part 2: On perspicaciousness (good judgment, perceptiveness), reasonableness, sagacity, savoir-faire, wisdom, and worldly wisdom


Wr-wr l y or in.
When one is on fire one's reaction is extremely agile.
(One should not delay in exacting vengeance for a wrong.)
Compare Wrwr lmd b oko s.

Wr- dn-n w, k - b lm.
An imbecile makes an entertaining spectacle, but one would not want one as one's child.
(One might be tolerant of simplicity or irresponsibility in other people, but not in one's own relatives.)

Wr- yt s wr; wr k e wr; j yt s er.
Madness differs from the singing of Islamic songs; the singing of Islamic songs is not madness; fighting is different from playing.
(One should not confuse jesting with quarrelling.)

Wr-wr lmd b oko s.
A child's journey home from a nettle bush is fast indeed.
(Painful problems enforce quick attention.)
Compare Wr-wr l y or in.

W m lj, w m lk; ni a b l sde l w lj.
Keep your eyes on my face, and keep your eyes on my cheeks; one keeps one's eyes on the person with whom one goes visiting.
(People should not cultivate wandering eyes.)

Wo m- mi d m: lo kjp mta gb; ml ni lm- ma l gb?
Look after the child for me: she wears three durable hand-loom wrappers to tatters; how many would the mother of the child herself wear out?
(The caretaker should not use up all his own resources for the benefit of his/her employer.)

Wol-wol k wol agbn l t.
The sanitary inspector does not inspect a wasp's home without coming to grief.
(One should be cautious in performing one's duties.)

Wn n, Afj, o tann al. n tsn tru, wo ln r nb?
People said, Blind man, you did not light a lamp. He asked, night or day, which one would his eyes register?
(One should not waste one's efforts in procuring things one cannot use.)

Wn n, Afj, mo- - pran. n k d un lj, fi b n b t w.
They said to the blind man, Blind man, you son has killed a game. He responds that he cannot believe them until he has tasted the meat.
(Always insist on proof positive.)