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Part 2: On perspicaciousness (good judgment, perceptiveness), reasonableness, sagacity, savoir-faire, wisdom, and worldly wisdom


Ta lyn nn r r? A n daganna la w w, n dakolo?
Which of the r's slaves is a person of any account? We said we came looking for daganna, and you ask, dakolo?
(Said to indicate that one's auditor is making nonsense out of the sense one is making. Also, there is nothing to choose between two worthless things.)

Ta n j j k fgr f?
Who would eat soap and wash clothes with fermented beans?
(Who would seek unease when ease is available?)

Ta n md j, b k e ng?
Who can know the secret of the rain if not ngo?
(Only those privy to mysteries can explain mysterious events.)

Tb t dn, nu t .
Snuff that is not pleasant, the mouth cannot not sell.
(No amount of talk will make something unpleasant become pleasant.)

Tmi ro, t k j km algbd n id.
Mine is not urgent. which prevents the son of the blacksmith from owning a sword.
(The person who always yields to others will never get anywhere.)

Tni n jni lj; er- bm- s n yrgb.
One's own thing is what impresses one; the ant has a child and names it The-one-who-rolls-mightily-around.
(One always tends to overestimate the worth of one's possession.)

Tni ntni; b pn b sun iu a b fm- .
One's own is one's own; when a man without a wife roasts yams he cuts a piece for his child.
(One makes do with what one has.)

Tt n wj er ssa.
A child's learning to walk comes before running.
(One should observe some order in what one does.)

T sn, tm sn, lolknrn mj- fi dm.
Your condition is better; My condition is better, is what gets two invalids into a fight.
(Fools will fight over the most stupid things.)

Tin l ll j; aiwr yn ni m r t y gb.
The lazy person eats the products of his native wisdom; only a fool does not know what devious way will be fruitful.
(If one lacks industry, one had better be resourceful.)