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Part 2: On perspicaciousness (good judgment, perceptiveness), reasonableness, sagacity, savoir-faire, wisdom, and worldly wisdom


Rà á ire, gà á ire; ìpéǹpéjú ni àlà-a fìlà.
Press it well on the head; puff it out; the eyebrow is the limit for the cap.
(One may be free to use one's possession as one pleases, but there are still some conventions one must observe.)

Ràdà-ràdà-á mọ ibi tí ó ńrè.
The meandering person knows where he is headed.
(A person may seem without a purpose, but he or she is engaged in some thing known to himself or herself.)

Rírí tí a rí igún la fi ńta igún lọ́fà.
It is because one sees the vulture that one shoots arrows at it.
(If one does not make oneself available, one would not present a target for people's hostility.)