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Part 1: On humility, self-control, self-knowledge, self-respect, and self-restraint


Ta n b nb? lgb fi sn bt wl.
Who is there whose opinion matters? is the attitude that makes the farmer come into town dressed only in a loin cloth.
(People who make a spectacle of themselves show no regard for others.)
Compare finipeni, fyn pyan . . .

Ta n m kolo ly?
Who knows O'kolo in y?
(Said of people who are of no account but act as though they matter.) [90]

Ta n jj n ml?
What would a dog be doing in a mosque?
(Said to tell off people who are not wanted in a company.)
See the entry that follows also.

Ta n jun tj jr?
At whose dinner table is the dog wagging its tail?
(Said to tell off people who make their presence felt when they should rather make themselves scarce.) [91]
Compare the preceding entry.

Tt k t.
Spinach is never disgraced.
(May one never know disgrace.) [92]

Tltl m ni t ynbn d s.
The turkey knows towards whom it farts.
(People must be careful how to choose the people they presume to approach with familiarity.)
Compare ka t t sm l n sm.


90. kolo is not a Yorb but an Ij name.  [Back to text]


91. The Yorb do not consider dogs to be preferred company.  [Back to text]


92. The play is on the syllable t, which occurs in tt (spinach) and t (to be disgraced).  [Back to text]