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Part 1: On humility, self-control, self-knowledge, self-respect, and self-restraint


Pam-nk obnrn or bmb sk.
A masochistic woman hardens her head against her husband.
(Obstinacy only invites harsh punishment.)

Ptpt algbd ju il r l.
The most one can expect of the blacksmith is confined to the smithy.
(There is a limit to a person's bragging.)

Pl larw rn; jj lm lj yan. [88]
Carefully is the manner in which a beautiful person walks; gently is the manner in which a prince steps.
(Gently and carefully is the best manner to take life.)

Pl-pl nij gb; ara gbogbo l di ks tn.
An elderly person's manner of dancing must be very gentle, because the whole body has become worn to a rag.
(Elderly people should not over-exert themselves.)

Ptpt j, ta sni lra k wn.
The mud of the j: it splashes on one and will not be washed off.
(Disgrace is not easily washed away.) [89]


89. Most probably this is a riddle doing double duty as a proverb. The riddle, Ptpt n jy, atasnilramwn (The mud along jy way that splashes on one and cannot be removed), has as its solution, facial scarification.  [Back to text]