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Part 1: On humility, self-control, self-knowledge, self-respect, and self-restraint


Fálànà gbọ́ tìrẹ, tara ẹni là ńgbọ́.
Falana, look to your own affairs; one's attention should be focused first on one's own affairs.
(People should keep their noses out of others' affairs.) [50]

Fáàárí ọ̀bọ ò ju inú ìgbẹ́ lọ.
The monkey's showing off is limited to the confines of the forest.
(One may be esteemed in one's locality and be quite unknown in another.)


50. Falana is a proper name that has come to be associated with uninvited intrusion into other people's affairs.  [Back to text]